Thinking about college? Part 1

College is Expensive! Part 1


Know the facts about financing your education and repayment

In today’s job/career market a High School diploma isn’t enough to get into those high paying  jobs. An Associate Degree helps some…        A decent, high paying job requires a Bachelor’s Degree at minimum.  Then there is continuing education for any field you want to keep your advantage. If you want top paying positions your choice is of a Master’s Degree  or a  PhD depending on your educational specialty.

How are you going to finance your education? Where is the money coming from to buy those expensive text books? What about living expenses while attending school?  Below is a list of different options;

  • Federal Loans through the Department of Education;
  • Federal Grants (not a loan therefore repayment is not expected;)
  • Private Loans (such as a bank loan etc);
  • Credit Card;
  • Out-of-pocket  (up front or monthly payments depending on the educational institution);
  • Private Grants;
  • Scholarships;
  • Others.

When I began my search for scholarships I was amazed at the overwhelming types of scholarships for students of all walks of life, subject of study. The websites and links take a great deal of time &  dedication on order to move about the data without losing  you mind (so to speak). Here is a partial list of categories I discovered;

  • Individual College scholarships;
  • Students who are women (single mothers, older students 35+, or over 50 years old);
  • Minority students;
  • Low Income students;
  • Specific majors such as Nursing, Technology, Education etc.;
  • $$ from various organizations (examples are Masons, Veteran organizations, Soroptimists etc.);
  • Disabled students (various groups take applications based on specific disability);
  • No-essay scholarships which are especially lottery scholarships ( the two I signed up for offer money every month by “the luck of the draw“.) One is Niche scholarship;
  • Too many more to name….

A good place to start is Student Advisor website. This website has lists of scholarships and links. I spent the better part of eight hours just reading and  writing down links. I will apply for 11 different scholarships to begin.

Kaplan University offers three documents to assist students with wading through the complicated process of scholarship search and the application process. (Click on graphic to go to the website. Look  beneath the topic “How to Apply Funds from Outside Scholarships” for the PDFs & download).

PDF Guide to  Writing Your Scholarship Resume


PDF 10 Scholarship Myths



PDF 10 Tips to Winning Scholarships


Click on the graphic to go to the website link.

Part 2 Financial Aid Information.

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Canada’s creativ festival 2015

 The Crochet Crowd

is going to be at the 2015

October 15, 16 & 17

Logo for 2014 Festival

Creativ Festival (formerly Creative Sewing and Needlework Festival) since 1988 has been offering an unbeatable combination of tantalizing shopping and dynamic instruction. Designed to intrigue, involve, excite, stimulate and celebrate the art of creating your own personal style.

theme for the booth at creativ festival 2015:

theme for the booth at creativ festival 2015: “Bringing Back the 70’s”

Festival photos from past years

Mikey’s Yarn Bombed Bike to be the talk at Creativ Festival

Patterns & Articles related to Creativ Festival Yarn Shopping List


Contact info

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12820 Yonge St., Suite 202
Richmond Hill, ON L4E 4H1 Canada

Phone: 1.800.291.2030 FREE (TOLL-FREE NORTH AMERICA) or 905.773.2092 (TORONTO AREA)
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